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March 5, 2009
Emerald Innovations Home Page

Emerald Innovations Home Page

Welcome to the brand new, fantastic, super duper, Emerald Innovation’s blog site. What will the blog be about, you may be asking? Well I think this blog will be about a lot of things. Basically we will discuss and talk about technology and holiday stuff. This blog will not be your typical stuffy corporate blog, it will be very informative to the masses. The writers for the blog, just like our products, will find innovative articles to post on here.

What is Emerald Innovations? Emerald innovations is your marketplace for innovative Christmas, Hanukkah, Halloween and winter season decor. We basically; create unique electronics, gifts and holiday decor. Actually we have a brand spanking new line of electronic products ready for its launch at the PMA show in Las Vegas. (I would talk more about these products but I wouldn’t want some suited man to track me down for talking about our trade secrets. Which will happen, I am not kidding.) We will start to talk about these items though as they hit the store room shelves.

I was starting to think about what would make an interesting article the other day. My thoughts started going towards when I was a child. Its funny to think how much the decorations and lights have changed since I was a child. This will be an upcoming article on the blog so keep coming back to the site for more information. The title will be, “technology and its effects the holidays”.

Thanks for coming to the blog and keep coming back for the latest information.

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Technology and its effects the holidays: Christmas Light Innovation (Part 1)

March 4, 2009
Christmas tree with candle.

Christmas tree with candle.

It’s interesting to see how holidays have evolved over the years. The very first christmas lights, of course, where when families put candles onto the christmas tree. These small candles where attached with wax or pins. One can imagine all the fires that something like this would cause. (I wonder if the die hard Christmas fans still put candles on their trees?) Safety alone would be the main problem that would have to be overcome in the technology of christmas tree lighting.

When I think back at innovation I remember a lecture I saw at Carnegie Mellon University with Stuart Morgan, who is director of Industrial Design and Human Factors for Ethicon Endo-Surgery, a Johnson and Johnson Company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. What Stuart had to say about innovation set my head spinning, “Innovation is to make an existing product obsolete.” Well the candle didn’t necessarily become obsolete, just its implementation on the way it is used during the holidays. Thomas Edison would of course help shape the course of lighting history.

About 125 years ago the first christmas light was invented by Edward Johnson, who worked under the direction of Thomas Edison. Johnson’s invention of a string of 80 tiny lights soon became a facet in department store displays. Johnson is discussed more here. 

This tiny invention has become a staple during the holidays in most everyone’s house and business. “Today it is hard to imagine an American neighborhood without Christmas lights… eighty million homes are decorated each year, with more than 150 million light sets sold annually.” stated Brian Murry in a paper about Christmas lights.

(to be continued Christmas Light Innovation) In the next part we will discuss the different types of light bulbs and their evolution.

PMA show in Las Vegas

February 23, 2009

Just a quick update on some news that is going on at Emerald Innovations. Coming up on March 3rd through the 5th, we will be launching our new line of products at the PMA show in Las Vegas, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. (PMA stands for Photo Marketing Association.) Our new line will be marketed under the name Electronic Innovations. Please take a look at our logo below.

Electronic Innovations Logo

Electronic Innovations Logo

Like I stated in an earlier post we will not show or talk about any of our products until they hit a store shelf. What we can talk about is some of our cool gadgets that are already on store shelves.

Digital Photo Ornaments:

Digital Photo Ornaments

Digital Photo Ornaments

Lets talk about this digital ornament. Technology has come a long way over the years, remember putting up the Christmas bulbs on your tree, the big round ones? There have been many technologies that have come and gone since then. One of the technologies that is here to stay is the LCD photo frame. Emerald Innovations has taken a digital photo viewer and combined it with an ornament. Please take a look at the example shown above. It has a color LCD screen that holds up to 50 of your favorite images. It has a very easy to use software which will help you resize your photos to fit the screen. This will make a great gift for your friends and family.